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lecture-series-09 Niaz Rahim, Group Director, Rahimafrooz

Mr. Niaz Rahim, Group Director, Rahimafroz (Bangladesh) Ltd. advised the new entrepreneurs to avoid some negative words like ‘if’, ‘may be’, ‘if possible’ etc from their life and from their dictionary. Because, these kinds of words are the symbol of lame excuse and lame excuse is one of our national problems. Due to lame excuse we deny our inner potentiality and capacity and that’s why we can’t be successful in many cases, he added. He was speaking at the 9th phase of Daffodil International University organized ‘Industry- Academia Lecture Series’ on “Entrepreneurship towards Diversity” on May 27, 2017 at DIU Milanayoton 71.
Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Daffodil International University delivered the welcome address in the program. The program was also addressed by Prof. Dr. Yousuf Mahabub-Ul-Islam, Vice Chancellor, Professor Dr. S M Mahbub-Ul Islam, Pro Vice Chancellor, Mr. Md. Abu Taher Khan, Director, Innovation and Incubation Center (IIC) of Daffodil International University. Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman, Director of Student Affairs conducted the program. 
Mr. Niaz Rahim also said that to get success in the business, one’s company policy should have to be customer-based and one must have to emphasis on his customer’s benefits and choices first and one always has to realize that, customer is like his family member. If you want to run your business for long, you must have to achieve customer’s trust and faith. Just due to achieving the trust and confidence of the customer, Rahimafroz can export their products in 66 countries of the world today, he added. 
Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Daffodil International University urged the students desiring to be an entrepreneur to follow the family bondage of Rahimafroz. He said, due to strong family bondage, Rahimafroz could continue their business from generation to generation. Mr. Sabur Khan also said that, Mr. Niaz Rahim gains respect from all walks of people of business community and society through his dignity and honesty. To make an enriched and prosperous Bangladesh, we need lots of Niaz Rahim, he added.
Posted: June 12, 2017
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